About Emma

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Emma is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am accredited by BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.)

After a 20 year career in hospitality and event management, I had fulfilled my dream to travel the world and work in an industry that I was passionate about. The perceived glamour of this career involved the work hard and party harder ethos. Working long hours on little sleep led me to make poor food choices and pay minimal focus on my well being. I was lethargic, suffering with poor skin, constantly getting colds and cold sores and often just getting by on adrenaline and caffeine. When I wanted to start a family, I started to put the health of myself and my baby first and realised that I had been stuck in a cycle of poor food and lifestyle choices that were perhaps impacting my health. I started to do a lot of research into how to improve my nutrition and really started to prioritise what I ate and how I looked after myself.  This led me to study naturopathic nutrition, to understand how nutrition and lifestyle can bring the body back into balance.

I am passionate about educating and inspiring people to understand how the power of food as medicine can work towards improving your health. I do not believe in calorie counting, low fat, or restrictive diets but focusing on natural wholefoods to improve your health and rebalance your body to find a healthier you!